2016–2020 Action Plan

This is the third and final action plan for New Zealand’s road safety strategy for 2010 to 2020. Our current vision is a safe road system, free of death and injury, using the Safe System approach.

Significant progress has been made under the two previous Action Plans across all key areas of the Safe System. This includes initiatives such as:

  • raising public awareness through  advertising campaigns
  • lowering blood alcohol levels
  • making our high risk roads safer through rumble strips and median barriers
  • mandating electronic stability control for light vehicles.

Many initiatives will continue as a core part of the policies and decision making of various agencies.

However, there are still areas where progress towards a safe road system needs more momentum. The third Action Plan will renew focus on areas of greatest risk and disproportionate harm, and present opportunities for the use of current and emerging technologies.

In particular, this Action Plan’s focus is to:

  • enable smart and safe choices on the road
  • make motorcycling safer
  • ensure roads and roadsides support safer travel
  • encourage safe vehicles.

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Safe System

A Safe road system increasingly free of death and serious injury