• New Zealand Trauma System Review

    This report is a result of a review that the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons undertook of New Zealand’s trauma system. The intent of this piece of work is to inform the review of the national Road Safety Strategy. An important note for the reader

    Companion report
    A second report Post Impact Care – How can New Zealand address the fifth pillar of road safety has also just been released. This report looks at the role of the Government Land Transport Sector, both local and central, in improving outcomes of crash victims from the crash site to the hospital or medical treatment centre. Read the report

  • Safer Journeys for motorcycling on New Zealand roads

    The guide provides road controlling authorities and contractors with guidance on improving and maintaining roads for better motorcycling safety outcomes.

  • Safer journeys for schools

    The guide provides technical guidance for road controlling authorities and consultant engineers so that they can understand, prioritise and address road safety issues at both urban and rural schools.

  • Speed Management

    We are taking a new approach to speed management in New Zealand. Our aim is to have a consistent and evidenced-based approach that is supported by community engagement and better conversations on road risk. We have developed resources and tools to support this new process, and to support road controlling authorities.

  • Road Policing Action Plan 2016-2020

    NZ Police have developed this Road Policing Action Plan to 2020. Road safety, reducing crime and social harm, and building public trust and confidence are of utmost importance. 

  • Embedding the safe system

    Read more about embedding the safe system approach.


  • Cycling safety panel final report

    Read the final report and recommendations from the cycling safety panel.

  • The difference between life and death - 1 minute preview

    View the 1 minute preview for 'The difference between life and death' film about the safe system approach.  The full 20 minute film is also available to watch from this page.

  • The difference between life and death - 20 minute film

    Watch the 20 minute film 'The difference between life and death' to learn more about the safe system approach - and then share it with your colleagues, friends and family. Together we can make a difference!

  • The Safe System communications toolkit

    This toolkit can help 'system designers' understand how to get safe system messages into their communications.

    For guidance on the Safer Journeys brand, read the Safer Journeys identity guide.

  • Safer journeys for coroners

    This factsheet explains how the Safe System fits into the work of Coroners.

  • High-risk intersections

    The guide introduces a new way to identify high-risk intersections and, using the Safe System approach, provides best practice guidance on reducing deaths and serious injuries at high-risk intersections.

  • Safer journeys action plan 2013 - 2015

    Launched in March 2013. It sets out actions to be focused on during 2013-2015 with a focus on long-term safety gains.

  • Safe system for system designers

    This leaflet gives an overview of the Safe System for system designers.

  • Safe system for road users

    This leaflet explains the Safe System approach and is for use with the general public.

  • Safer Journeys Strategy to 2020

    Launched in March 2010. The long term goal for road safety in New Zealand is set out in its vision: “A safe road system increasingly free of death and serious injury”.

  • Safer Journeys for engineers

    This factsheet explains how engineers can embed the Safe System approach into their day-to-day work.

  • Safer journeys for planners

    This factsheet explains how planners can embed the Safe System approach into their day-to-day work.

  • Summary of stakeholder feedback

  • Centennial Highway case study video

    The Centennial Highway case study video demonstrates how the Safe System approach can result in greater safety outcomes.

  • Ticks and crosses poster version 1

    This poster shows examples of the sort of activities that contribute to a Safe System.

  • Ticks and crosses poster version 2

    This poster shows more examples of the sort of activities that contribute to a Safe System.

  • We'll save more lives if... leaflet

    This leaflet explains that system designers need to work together and across the sector to embed the Safe System approach.

  • Conversation paper - October 2012

  • Safer journeys action plan 2011 - 2012

    Launched in 2011 it sets out the actions to be started in 2011-2012.